Robert A. Zibbell, Ph.D.Bob is a licensed psychologist in part-time practice in Natick and Barnstable. In 2012, he ended over 33 years of GAL work (and 500+ evaluations), but he has continued working (20+ years) as a parenting coordinator and (co)parent consultant. In 2017, he taught the course in parenting coordination at William James College. He is the author of several articles in peer-reviewed journals and of Critical Cases in Massachusetts Family Law for E&F Guardians ad Litem: A mental health professional’s perspective on how appellate law informs GAL investigations and evaluations (2006-08) (jointly sponsored by MAGAL, Inc. and Massachusetts AFCC). His primary professional contribution, however, is the short but authoritative text, Evaluation for Child Custody, co-authored with Geri Fuhrmann, Psy.D. (2012) part of an Oxford University Press series on forensic psychology.

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